VoyagerCell 3G

The VoyagerCell 3G solution comprises the VoyagerCell 3GAP1000 radio node module, that comes available in either UMTS Band 1 or 2, plus the addition of the 3G core network running on either a VoyagerESR or Voyager VM. The two-module, small form-factor solution extends cellular communications into austere environments by providing a fully deployable cellular base station that can operate independent of backhaul and support up to 16 simultaneous voice and data users.

Solution overview

  • 3G core network on VoyagerESR (ARM) or VoyagerVM (x86) platforms
  • 3GAP1000 radio node available in UMTS Band 1 or 2
  • Compatible with any Voyager chassis


  • Public safety, disaster relief, and emergency response
  • Cruise ships and aircraft
  • Military & intelligence

VoyagerCell 3GAP1000 leverages the routing and switching functionality of the Cisco 5915-based VoyagerESR, or virtual Cisco 5915 ESR routing on VoyagerVM. Because the VoyagerCell solution uses the mature Cisco 5915 ESR routing and switching platform, VoyagerCell seamlessly integrates with your existing IP infrastructure. VoyagerCell enables Cisco-trained engineers to deploy cellular as easily as traditional IP networks with minimal additional training.


VoyagerCell 3GAP1000

  • Throughput of 14.4 Mbps HSDPA, 1.45 Mbps HSUPA
  • 1 W / 32 dBm output providing 2.3km range in open area degrading to 1km in suburban environment
  • N-type external antenna interface
  • Air interface secured using IPSec IPEv2 on APSeGw
  • Iuh interface
  • Supports handover between radio nodes
  • Supports 16 simultaneous users on both packet and circuit switched sessions
  • Band 1 and Band 2/5 variants
  • 0-45 C temperature range
  • 7.4” W x 6.3” L x 2” H (188 x 160 x 52mm)
  • 3.25 Ib / 1.5kg

VoyagerCell 3GAP1000 Certification and Approvals

  • Cisco 5915 ESR is FIPS 140-2 Level 1 approved
  • VoyagerESR and VoyagerVM are JITC approved and STIG compliant
  • 3GAP1000 is an operator-verified radio node

3G Core Network Specifications on VoyagerESR

  • 3GPP core elements including HLR/AuC, MSC, SMSC, SGSN, GGSN
  • Upgradeable to 4G LTE with built-in MME &SGW/PGW
  • Converged IMS-like infrastructure with SIP/RTP uplink over satellite if required
  • Iuh and Iub radio interface support
  • Concurrent support for two radio nodes
  • VoyagerESR product specification
    • Cisco 5915 ESR router plus Klas-designed switch
    • Embedded Cisco 5915 ESR supports Call Manager Express 9.0, AES-256 VPN concentrator, WAAS Express WAN Acceleration, Radio Aware Routing
    • Embedded Klas-designed switch provides 12 10/100 BaseT switch ports, FXS, VIK removable configuration storage, cellular and tactical radio uplinks
    • Rugged aluminium construction
    • MIL-STD-810G
    • 7.4” W x 6.3” L x 2” H (188 x 160 x 52mm)
    • 3.7 Ib / 1.7 kg

3G Core Network Specifications on VoyagerVM

  • For specifications of the 3G core network on the VoyagerVM  platform, please contact our sales department
  • VoyagerVM product specifications\
    • Dual or quad core Intel Core i7 virtualization server module
    • Software routing solutions such as Cisco CSR 1000V
    • Call management technologies like Cisco Unified Communications Manager
    • WAN acceleration technologies such as Cisco WAAS, Citrix WANscaler and Riverbed Steelhead
    • Simultaneous hosting of full acceleration suites and other network services locally on the disadvantaged side of a SATCOM link
    • Rugged Aluminium construction
    • MIL-STD-801G
    • 7.4” W x 6.3” L x 2” H (188 x 160 x 52mm)
    • 3.3 Ib / 1.5 kg