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Our story so far

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Klas Telecom was established to provide remote learning technology based on ISDN.

Klas Telecom began development with London-based satellite company Inmarsat to provide data services for ships & oil-rigs.

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The company developed its first Internet Protocol (IP) networking device, KlasRouter, with funding from the European Space Agency.

We began integrating third-party technology from companies such as Cobham, Juniper and Panasonic to provide satellite-based communications solutions.

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The U.S. Army awarded Klas Telecom a $45 million contract to supply a satellite-based networking solution called the Klas Telecom Pioneer Express, that soon became known as the Global Rapid Response Information Packet (GRRIP, AN/PSC-15), the program of record for which it was selected.

To accommodate rapid growth and the U.S. military’s security requirements, Klas Telecom created a dedicated U.S. subsidiary, known as Klas Telecom Government, to handle U.S. government contracts.

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Klas Telecom became a Cisco Solution Technology Integrator (STI) and launched the Voyager product line based on the Cisco 5915 ESR, Intel processors and VMware virtualization technology.

We built a new kind of onboard communications gateway and server product line, the TRX Connected Transportation Platform, for the Transportation and Industrial IoT markets.

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Klas Telecom launched the Tactical Data Center product in collaboration with VMware, Nutanix and NetApp.

TRX was selected by Telecom Slovenia to provide Passenger Wi-Fi and Passenger Information Systems on Slovenia Rail network.

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