Klas Telecom Eager to See Army PEO C3T PdD NET-E and PdD CHS Reach Their Goals

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A while back (April) we attended a Product Director Common Hardware Systems (PdD CHS) technology event at Aberdeen Proving Ground that was hosted by U.S. Army PEO C3T ‘s new Project Director Network Enablers (PD NET-E), and had a really positive experience.

PD NET-E was created this February and its goal, as stated by PD Net-E Director Stanley Niemiec, is “to bring commonality and interoperability to the (Army tactical) network to support dynamic operations and improve the user experience.” PD NET-E manages five Project Directors, one of which is CHS.

CHS supplies soldiers with state-of-the-art computer and networking equipment and is currently focused on improving soldiers’ existing capabilities by making them “smaller, lighter or more intuitive to the user; by reducing power requirements; and by supporting more agile operations.”

PEO C3T wrote an article, from which the above quotes are taken, on the CHS event we attended in April. It reports on the Army and PD NET-E’s move toward working more closely with industry to provide better network capability to the tactical edge. The article quoted our CTO Ryan Kendrick speaking about the Klas Telecom approach in designing agile systems. “One suitcase-sized system (Voyager) designed to enable communications during early entry operations includes multiple network enclaves that can use a single router, then scale up with additional capability when follow-on forces arrive,” Kendrick said.

We are excited that our approach so closely aligns with the goals of PD NET-E! It can often be difficult for small businesses to invest in the lengthy and resource-consuming Army acquisition processes and procedures, and we’re thrilled to feel our efforts coming to fruition. It’s important for both government and industry to recognize the soldier’s need for smaller, faster, lighter, and more flexible systems.

In fact, recently we were successful in getting our VoyagerESR, VoyagerSW24, and VoyagerVM (Cisco-based router, switch, and virtual server platform) listed on the DISA APL! You can view it here by doing a vendor search for “Klas Telecom.”

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