Klas Telecom Government Employees Abandon the Office for an Afternoon at Topgolf

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Last Thursday, Klas Telecom Government employees left the Herndon, VA office early for an afternoon of food, fun and friendly competition at Topgolf Loudoun. Staff from the sales, marketing, human resources, field operations, finance, accounting, and executive management departments retired their heels, dresses, suits and ties and donned their favorite sportswear to relax, unwind and show off their golfing skills.

Employees enjoyed a fiesta-style lunch and then squeezed in a few practice rounds before dividing up into teams of six in Topgolf’s high-tech golfing bays. Each team’s goal was to score as many points as possible by driving the ball into landing zones with varying point values.  The team that earned the most collective points would win the game.

Brian Eck, Klas Telecom Government’s financial controller who is a seasoned golfer, was the MVP of the day. He scored the most amount of points and secured first place for his team.

“What made the competition fun was that it was a team effort. When I missed a landing zone, others would nail it and keep the momentum going. It took a collective effort from everyone on our team to produce the win…and bragging rights in the office!” Eck said.

In addition to the golfing action, the Klas Telecom Government team surprised Marketing Manager Dannielle Yang with a baby shower at the event. Yang helped plan the golf outing with Marketing Coordinator Laura Hazelwood, but had no idea that her coworkers secretly arranged a small baby shower for her. The shower included an assortment of balloons, scrumptious cupcakes, a “diaper cake tower” and an array of gifts for her baby.

“I was shocked,” Yang said. “I still can’t believe they pulled it off without me suspecting anything. They even got ahold of my registry without me knowing!”

With a booming and demanding fiscal year more than halfway complete, the afternoon turned out to be a well-deserved, relaxing escape for the hard working team. Many are already looking forward to the next team outing.

“It’s great to get together outside of the office for some genuine fun and teambuilding,” said President and CEO David Huisenga. “We realize the importance of getting out of ‘work mode’ to connect on a more personal level. Besides, it’s nice to know who my competition is!”

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