Klas Pioneer Express (GRRIP, AN/PSC-15)

Klas Telecom’s Pioneer Express (GRRIP, AN/PSC-15) is a small and lightweight flyaway communications system that allows access to secure and non-secure networks for first-in communicators. Weighing just twenty-eight pounds and with all necessary operational components and accessories fitted neatly into a single, ruggedized case measuring 16.54” x 13.03” x 6.84”, the Pioneer Express, or Global Rapid Response Information Package (GRRIP), is the only choice for the “grab and go” mission requirement. The system accepts a wide range of AC and DC inputs and the internal battery provides up to three hours of operation. It has a quick set up time of four minutes, and has everything required to deploy a mobile office in the field including a laptop, red-side router, black-side router, phone handset, power cables and satellite terminal for remote operation at broadband speeds.
The Pioneer Express is offered in several configurations supporting either the L3 TALON 1 or 2, the Harris SecNet-54/KIV-54, or KG-250XS, KG-175N encryption devices, and a Inmarsat BGAN satellite terminal.

Over 2,000 GRRIP systems have been fielded by U.S. DoD organizations.
See the Klas Pioneer Express (GRRIP, AN/PSC-15) brochure

Pioneer Express

Ports / Data Flow

The Klas Pioneer Express (GRRIP, AN/PSC-15) system utilizes either the L3 TALON 1 or 2, Harris SecNet-54/KIV-54, or ViaSat KG250XS, TACLANE-Nano KG-175N encryption device. It includes a RedSide Router and BlackSide Router, enabling secure and unsecure network enclaves to operate off the GRRIP simultaneously. This section describes the data flow of these networks in the Klas Pioneer Express (GRRIP,AN/PSC-15) and the different network ports they present an operator. The GRRIP system has undergone TEMPEST, JITC certification and MIL-STD-810 testing.


  • Attach 4 external red laptops
  • Attach 1 external black laptop
  • 3 red-side voice ports
  • 1 Ethernet WAN port for BGAN, Hotel broadband, X-Band, VSAT and 3G and Wi-Fi

Pioneer Express


The Klas Pioneer Express’s (GRRIP, AN/PSC-15) auto-sensing, auto-switching power system allows for continuous operation of the kit even from unreliable power sources. Accepting a wide range of AC and DC inputs (110-230V AC, 10-36V DC) The kit can be connected to solar panels, noisy diesel generators, 12V/10A car sockets, BB 2590, BA 5590 and nearly any other source of power that can be located in the field. The kits Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) with Auto Changeover automatically changes over from one power source to another when that power source fails. It will ultimately utilize the kits own internal three hour battery if all other sources fail. This all occurs without the need of any operator input. Every component in the GRRIP has been designed to require very little power to run. The result is a 40-50 Watt power footprint that makes it easily the most power efficient system in the market.

Pioneer Express

Satellite, Cellular and Wi-Fi Backhaul

The Klas Pioneer Express (GRRIP, AN/PSC-15) can be used in both a tactical and urban environment. By utilizing both commercial and government satcom like BGAN, VSAT or X-Band as well as locally available terrestrial IP connections like hotel broadband, Wi-Fi and cellphone 3G the Klas Pioneer Express (GRRIP, AN/PSC-15) provides a communicator with an extremely versatile reach back capability. Any network, anywhere, can now be used to send secure voice, data, photos and video.

INMARSAT satellite phone (BGAN)

Inmarsat satellite phone: The Broadband Global Area Network or BGAN for short provides global access to IP broadband at speeds between 400 and 492kbps.

With global coverage, excluding the poles, the BGAN can be deployed anywhere at short notice. Its small laptop size and weight has made it the ideal companion to the GRRIP unit. The manpack unit fits securely inside the lid of each system. When the system is connected to external power, the Klas Pioneer Express (GRRIP, AN/PSC-15) provides power directly to the BGAN via a single integrated power and data cable.

Klas Telecom Pioneer Express (GRRIP, AN/PSC-15)

Technical Specs


  • Airline carry-on (28 lbs)
  • Small size – Pelican 1450 case (16” x 13” x 6.87”)
  • Fully sealed, waterproof case
  • All components fit in single case


  • 110-230V AC Auto-sensing and Auto-switching
  • 10-36V DC Auto-sensing
  • Battery backup for 3 hours for all devices in the system
  • Compatible with standard 12V/10A car sockets
  • Contains Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) with Auto Changeover
  • Safety built into design for battery, DC and AC supplies
  • Battery is user accessible and removable

Ease of Use

  • Automatic network setup and detection
  • Uses standard office applications


The Pioneer Express is available with the option of L3 TALON 1 or 2, the Harris SecNet-54/KIV-54, or ViaSat KG-250XS, KG-175N  encryption devices.

  • Fully tested over BGAN
  • FIPS 140-2 Black-side VPN
  • Supports external crypto such as KG-250, KG-175
  • Designed to meet Tempest requirements for red and
    black devices




  • Built-in handset
  • Make Mobile to Gateway (PBX) and Mobile to Mobile calls
  • Can be integrated into any SIP-based VoIP infrastructure
  • Buffers for high jitter BGAN network


  • Use standard desktop applications over satellite
  • Outlook optimized for email and attachments
  • Sharepoint optimized for viewing, upload and download


  • Designed for BGAN
  • Fits in case when not in use
  • Powered by AC and DC
  • Extensively tested

Acceleration (SCPS)

  • Designed for high latency networks
  • Designed for high jitter
  • Reacts quickly to changes in bandwidth
  • Accelerates all standard TCP/IP applications including Outlook, Sharepoint, and Web browsing


  • Attach 4 external red laptops
  • Attach 1 external black laptop
  • 3 red-side voice ports
  • Supports BGAN, Hotel Broadband and VSAT