TRX R2 is a rugged compute gateway that combines both connectivity and local compute so that vehicles have cloud connectivity when they need it, but local processing power for analytics when there is no backhaul. The solution is underpinned by KlasOS Keel; a lightweight OS with integrated hypervisor, firewall, SD-WAN and the latest Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity.




Key Features

  • Intel® Atom™ Denverton 8-core or 4-core processor options
  • Two 4G/LTE modems with Band 14 Firstnet support or one 5G modem
  • NVMe-based storage with up to 1TB capacity
  • Two copper 1Gb Ethernet ports
  • Two 10 Gb SFP+ ports in 8-core variant
  • Simultaneous Wi-Fi AP and client
  • KlasOS Keel software providing:
    • Connectivity
    • Virtualization
    • Telematics
    • Management