TRX R6 Klas Telecom Transportation

Combined Cisco IOS Router/Server & Six-Modem Cellular Gateway


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The TRX R6 is now FirstNet Certified. Click here to find out more. 

TRX® R6 is a mobile communications gateway solution for trains, mass transit, freight and bus applications. Unsurpassed compute power encompassing 6th Generation Intel® Core™ i3, i5 and i7 processors and Intel® Celeron® Processor G Series, allied to Klas Telecom’s field-proven KlasOS software. TRX R6 provides a single onboard platform that supports passenger-centric services such as Wi-Fi, Infotainment and Passenger Information Systems (PIS). TRX R6 also delivers improved efficiency to operators by interfacing to operational technologies including Multifunction Vehicle Bus (MVB), CCTV and Train Management Systems.


TRX R6 Brochure

Deploying and managing complex communication networks on your transportation system has just got easier, with TRX R6.

Key Features

  •  Combined router/server using dual-core Intel® Celeron® Processor G Series or 6th Generation Intel® Core™ processors with dual-core i3, quad-core i5 and quad-core i7 options
  • Support for six cellular modems, Wi-Fi and Ethernet for connectivity
  • Supports MVB, RS-422, RS-485 and GPS for telematics
  • Integrated KVM Hypervisor supports third-party virtual machines
  • Easily managed through integrated KlasOS CLI or SNMP via single IP address
  • Firewall, captive portal and load balancing
  • SDWAN tunnelling provides reliable connectivity over multiple WAN links with variable bandwidth
  • GPS NMEA relay over IP / Serial


Hardware Specifications

Server Features

■ Processor options available:
■ Dual-Core Intel® Celeron® G3900E
◊ 2.4 GHz clock rate
■ Dual-Core 6th Gen Intel® i3-6102E
◊ 1.9 GHz clock rate
■ Quad-Core 6th Gen Intel® i5-6442EQ
◊ 1.9 GHz clock rate
■ Quad-Core 6th Gen Intel® i7-6822EQ
◊ 2.0 GHz clock rate
■ Intel® Virtualization Technology (VT-x) with IPMI
■ Up to 32 GB RAM
■ Internal storage with capacity of 16 GB
■ Dual removable 2.5” SATA Solid State Drive in sizes 256 GB – 4 TB

4G LTE Modems

■ Sierra Wireless MC7430 / EM7430 LTE Cat-6
■ Sierra Wireless MC7455 / EM7455 LTE Cat-6
■ Sierra Wireless EM7511 LTE Cat-12
■ Sierra Wireless EM7565 LTE Cat-12


■ Reception of GPS, GLONASS, QZSS, BeiDou
■ High sensitivity acquisition and single-satellite timing
■ Automatic holdover

Wi-Fi Interface

■ IEEE802.11 ac/b/g/n modem with datarates of 1.3 Gb/s downlink
■ 3×3 MIMO
■ Supports 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands
■ Enhanced wireless security supporting 64/128-bits WEP, WPA, WPA2, 802.1x
■ Additional Wi-Fi interfaces supported via expansion slots


■ 6 x Gigabit Ethernet in X-Code M12 or RJ-45 format

Expansion Slots

■ USB 2.0 and PCI Express signalling supports a range of devices per slot:
■ DTE RS-422/RS-485 serial devices to control remote devices
■ General purpose IO with galvanically isolated outputs

Physical Specifications

■ 9.8” W x 11” L x 3.05” H (250 mm x 279 mm x 76.5 mm)
■ 9.9 lb / 4.5 kg

Electrical Specifications

■ 24 – 110 VDC
■ Power consumption
■ 60 W including 6 modems, excluding PoE
■ 160 W when all PoE ports are in use. 48 VDC input required

Software Specifications


■ Software Defined WAN (SDWAN)
■ Static Routing
■ Virtual Switch (vSwitch)
■ 802.1q VLAN
■ Access Control Lists (ACLs)
■ DHCP Client/Server
■ NTP Client and Master

Supported Interfaces

■ Gigabit Ethernet
■ Wi-Fi Client and Access Point
■ 4G/LTE and 3G/UMTS modems
■ GPS, GPS relay over IP/serial
■ Telematics via RS-485/422/232, MVB


■ Integrated KVM Hypervisor
■ vSwitch
■ Virtio and e1000 NIC options
■ USB and PCIe device passthrough
■ Serial port passthrough
■ Install Guest OS from ISO file or import from qcow2 image
■ Read-only Guest OS option

Guest Networking Features

■ Stateful Firewall
■ QoS
■ Captive Portal with rate limiting
■ Netflow


■ SSH, Telnet, console
■ Syslog
■ SNMP v1/v2/v3


■ EN50155:2017 Railway Applications – Electronic equipment used on rolling stock (EN50155: Heat, Cold, Insulation, Vibration and Shock), EN60068-2-1, EN60068-2-2, EN60068-2-30
■ EN61373:2017 Railway Applications – Rolling stock equipment Shock and Vibration
■ EN50121-3-2:2017 Railway Applications – Electromagnetic Compatibility – Part 3-2 Rolling Stock – Apparatus
■ EN45545-2:2015 Railway Applications – Fire Protection of Railway Vehicles – Part 2
■ EN55032 Electromagnetic Compatibility of Multimedia Equipment
■ RED Compliant
■ IP 54 Ingress protection
■ RoHS 2 Compliant