As traditional reachback network architectures are supplemented by the need to analyse data on the edge of the network, your compute and communications requirements have grown.

The Voyager 8+ chassis increases the power budget of Voyager 8 by 50% to support Klas’ Xeon-based compute modules and the expanding range of radio interface brackets.

This provides access to the data that you need in-theater and the ability to analyse and disseminate it.

Voyager 8+

Voyager 8+

Key Features

Supports the full range of Voyager network modules to provide:

  • TrueTactical™
  • Routing & switching
  • VoIP
  • Server virtualization
  • Radio Integration
  • WAN acceleration
  • Storage
  • UPS
  • Satellite, terrestrial and cellular backhaul

Can be configured as a tactical data storage network, tactical radio integration system, cross domain suite and more

Compute module on the rear of the Voyager 8 Plus runs KlasOS Keel and hence provides many familiar features such as a Cisco like CLI for management, SSH, SNMP, and a built-in hypervisor. Features include:

  • LCD display which shows battery status information
  • Monitoring of battery state and input power state via SMBus and PMBus
  • Reporting of battery and power state via SNMP
  • User authentication, SSH access, etc. using the same KlasOS codebase as for Common Criteria approved products
  • Built-in hypervisor to allow deployment of a GuestOS, for example, a lightweight management suite to monitor the installed modules

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