Public Safety

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Klas Telecom uniquely provides a full suite of deployable communications capabilities to emergency response, disaster relief, humanitarian aid, law enforcement and other public safety agencies.

Enabling the First Responder

First responders, law enforcement and other public safety agencies need reliable communications hardened for tactical environments and emergency services. Klas Telecom delivers a full suite of communications capabilities including:

  • Manpack cellular base station systems
  • Cellular-enabled sensor backhaul
  • Multi-agency land mobile radio (LMR)/push-to-talk radio interoperability
  • Deployable data-center-grade storage and compute
  • IP network integration of transcoded voice and video


Voyager Cellular Solutions

VoyagerCell leads the market in portability, scalability and flexibility for private cellular network deployments.
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Voyager IP Networking, Storage and Compute Solutions

Our systems pack more capability into smaller, more streamlined packages than other market solutions, enabling operators to do more with less.
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Voyager Tactical Radio Integration Kit (TRIK)

Voyager Tactical Radio Integration Kit (Voyager TRIK) provides route, switch, storage and compute plus mounting and power for common tactical radios and integrates them into a single rollaway case network solution
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Klas Telecom endeavors to support state and local public safety agencies in their daily missions. And, when major national incidents, emergencies and disasters occur, Klas Telecom has the unique capability, based on over 25 years’ experience in the defense market, to enable increased integration and interoperability between all agencies involved, whether state, local, federal or defense.

Extend Trusted Cisco Networking to the Edge

Klas Telecom has a long history of extending Cisco embedded hardware and software to the tactical edge to deliver Cisco’s networking and security solutions into multiple markets. Cisco solutions architecture and validated network designs, built on open standards, enables users to take advantage of commercially available products and services to lower costs while improving performance. Whatever the mission or operational role, users gain the benefits of IP networking capabilities that have been proven and trusted across industries globally.

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