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 Combined compute and cellular gateway for road vehicles

Key Features

  • Cellular router/server running KlasOS Keel for virtualisation, routing and SDWAN
  • Validated applications include ALPR, MCPTT, mapping, VPN
  • Two 4G/5G modem slots for backhaul
  • Ethernet and Wi-Fi interfaces
  • FirstNet certified
  • Compatible with Voyager form factor allowing addition of switching and Radio Over IP interfaces


The TRX R2 is now FirstNet Certified. Click here to find out more.


Combined server & cellular gateway for trains, light rail and buses

Key Features

  • Combined hardware and software solution running KlasOS Keel allows a range of applications to be supported on a single platform
  • Open platform supports Passenger Wi-Fi, Infotainment and Passenger Information Systems
  • Run a safer train network with real-time CCTV
  • Improve efficiency with greater visibility of onboard systems


The TRX R6 is now FirstNet Certified. Click here to find out more.


10/26-port Cisco switch for rail

Key Features

  • Enterprise grade Cisco IOS Layer 2/3 switch
  • Supports Gigabit Copper/Fiber train backbone
  • Fail-to-wire on Gigabit ports to maintain service to downstream cars during outage
  • Extensive security features including 802.1x authentication, Port Security, ACLs
  • PoE compatible with IP cameras and Wi-Fi access points
  • Extensive Quality of Service features for video streaming


Data Logger for Autonomous Vehicle development

Key Features

  • Xeon D CPU with up to 240TB of secure storage 
  • Quick release storage cassette for high-speed in-garage ingest
  • 1/10 Gbps Ethernet and CAN-FD connectivity in-vehicle
  • Rugged, small form-factor package