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Transportation Platform

TRX’s converged gateway, server and router solution uniquely combines multiple wireless modems and best-in-class server functionality with the full power of Cisco Advanced Enterprise IOS routing to deliver data-center grade networking to rolling stock. TRX software simplifies complex network management and provides a connected transportation platform to the railway industry. This, combined with the TRX rail-certified Cisco switches, raises the standard for networking performance and security in the rail market.

Keeping Rail Connected

TRX provides a multifunctional solution capable of keeping passengers, engineers and operators connected to the resources and information they need. TRX is a converged solution based on trusted Cisco networking technology and management tools which integrates with standard head-end networking equipment to allow enterprise extension to rolling stock. The server provides a host for virtualized systems supporting applications such as passenger Wi-Fi and infotainment services, video surveillance control and offload, locomotive event recording, asset management and tracking, analytics processing and collection, and more as OEMs and operators seek to lower costs by reducing rail system complexity.

Extending Cisco Technology to the Edge

Klas Telecom TRX onboard communications gateway/server and switching platforms are part of a Cisco Validated Design that extends the power of Cisco IOS network technology to the edge of the rail architecture, turning rolling stock into rolling data centers and enabling trusted, enterprise-grade security from end to end.

Leveraging standards based protocols and advanced Cisco features for routing, failover, multibearer aggregation and security means that standards-based and Cisco head-end equipment often is capable of remote system support, reducing or eliminating need to add proprietary equipment to the head-end.

Further, TRX remote systems are deployed and managed in the same way as other common Cisco network equipment reducing the need for specialized training and support personnel.

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