Voyager TDC 2.0

Enhanced Capability, Same Low SWaP Form Factor

Enhanced due to market demand, Voyager Tactical Data Center (TDC) 2.0 provides users increased capability, such as double the storage capacity and NVMe for better performance, in the same airline carry-on form factor as the original Voyager TDC.


Leveraging the latest Klas Telecom technology, users can deploy an enterprise-grade compute and data storage network, complete with Intel Xeon D processing, 512 GB RAM, 32 physical cores and 10 Gbps networking, in a single rollaway case.

Voyager TDC simplifies deployments and lowers total cost of ownership by dramatically reducing the expenses associated with deploying, maintaining and upgrading large, complicated systems.

With Voyager TDC, teams can rapidly deploy with local access to required data, applications and services. In theater, users can collect, store, analyze, process, replicate and disseminate large volumes of data, such as mapping and imagery files, without having to rely on backhaul, leading to more timely intelligence and faster decision making in the field.

Upgraded Voyager TDC Blade

Double the storage

Voyager TDC 2.0 is housed in the same Voyager 8 case and chassis as the original Voyager TDC system, but contains four upgraded, dual-caddy Voyager TDC Blades. Each blade has two storage caddies that support 1 or 2 SATA SSDs in 2.5” format. Multiple 2.5” SSD capacities have been validated including 1.92 TB, 3.84 TB & 7.68 TB drives.

NVMe for better performance and powerless protection

The upgraded Voyager TDC Blade includes support for NVMe for faster and better performance. Each Voyager TDC Blade in the Voyager TDC 2.0 contains one NVMe M.2 PCI Express card slot that supports 110 mm enterprize-grade NVMe, including Samsung PM963/983 960 GB/1.92 TB. NVMe device is suitable for write cache or a boot device.

Voyager News

Klas Telecom Voyager Tactical Data Center Receives MIL-STD-810G Certification for Key Environmental Test Methods

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October 2, 2018 (WASHINGTON, D.C.) – Last month, Klas Telecom’s Voyager Tactical Data Center (TDC) received validation for multiple MIL-STD-810G Department of Defense (DoD) Test Method Standards for Environmental Engineering after undergoing rigorous stress testing by...

Former CIA Associate Director of Military Affairs and SOCOM Deputy Commander, Retired LTG John F. Mulholland, Jr., Joins Klas Telecom Government as Board of Directors Advisor

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August 9, 2018 (HERNDON, VIRGINIA) – Klas Telecom Government, a company that specializes in providing the U.S. Department of Defense and federal agencies with lightweight and man-portable tactical communications systems, announced today that retired Lieutenant General (LTG) John F. Mulholland...

Klas Telecom Releases VoyagerSW26G Rugged GbE Switch Based on New Cisco ESS 3300

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June 4, 2018 (WASHINGTON, D.C.) – Klas Telecom announced today the release of a new hardware module added to the Voyager deployable communications product suite, the VoyagerSW26G. VoyagerSW26G is a...

Klas Telecom Launches Voyager Tactical Data Center 2.0 at SOFIC 2018

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May 21, 2018 (WASHINGTON, D.C.) – Klas Telecom announced today a new release of the Voyager Tactical Data Center (TDC), the Voyager TDC 2.0. The company will debut the system this week at SOFIC 2018 in Tampa, FL...